SERVICES | Training

BOBCAT’s commercial skills training, guides delegates to sales success using proven techniques, set in real-life business scenarios and market environments.

Whether you want to boost sales and revenue, strengthen skills and motivation or develop individual and collective confidence, our team will work with you to create a package that gets you the results you want.

We offer our expertise to refine and nurture – so, whether it’s presentation and networking skills or encouraging and teaching a team to make sales on the phone or via email, BOBCAT knows how to do it better.


From directors and account managers to sales, support and creative team members - we work with individuals of all levels and disciplines.

How bobcat training works

  • 1. Develop brief

    We find out more about your business, your targets and what you expect the training to achieve. We use this to define a brief.

  • 2. Interview delegates

    We speak to each delegate, to seek agreement on individual goals and ensure our course will cater for all personalities involved.

  • 3. Respond to brief

    We deliver an overview of the course and KPIs to your input and approval.

  • 4. Deliver training

    Our training engages and energises. We use interactive exercises, authentic roleplays and group discussion to make our classroom sessions challenging and memorable.

  • 5. Reinforcement

    We ask for your feedback and then ask delegates for any further thoughts or ideas arising from the training. If appropriate we spend time one on one with delegates to work on particular specifics.

  • 6. Reporting and tool kits

    We’ll give you a breakdown of each individual with recommended KPIs and further training  and development ideas to keep them growing. We’ll support this with a tailored toolkit for every candidate.

  • 7. Follow-on mentoring

    Free for up to 12 months. Delegates can contact us to discuss any aspect of the training, from getting advice on a forthcoming pitch or presentation, to guidance on forming a successful sales and marketing strategy.